• Atmel AVR Studio 5 and the big blue JtagICE mkII

    I was so thrilled when I saw the first beta of AVR studio 5. Finally the missing IDE features were added that most programmers really can’t live without. Well all the more disappointed I was, when I tried to fire up the JtagICE. It keeps failing to initalise with a “Message from peer:USB driver attach timed out”. I must have reinstalled the driver a dozen times, but no matter what I can’t get it to work. Must be a problem with the driver running on x64 systems. I run Windows 7 x64, but I must be the only one using it in combination with AVR studio 5?
    Anyway, there seems to be a workaround to get it going. I haven’t done much testing on this though.

    Go to: Tools¬†->¬†Options. Under ‘Debugger’ tick the box ‘use tool polling’.
    Now I’m not sure why this makes a difference, but at least it got me around the above error message. Programming seems to work now, next I’ll try debugging in this mode.

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